Saturday, September 25, 2010

A New Voice

Hello, all, and welcome to my shiny new blog!

I guess I should start with an introduction of sorts. I'll keep it short, sweet and simple, since my life is not exactly what this blog is about. I'm a biochemistry student from French Canada who spends her time writing in english. Yep, it's a "bit" of a contradiction. I'm all kinds of contradiction - this is just the first.

Aaand, that was it! Writing this post is a bit like unwrapping a new CD, or flipping the first page of a new book. You don't know what's waiting for you. You think it's worth it, that you might have fun, or learn something, or whatever. You are convincing yourself it's not a waste of time.

But there's always this little doubt, the multiple what if... ? Well, I say screw them. Today, I'm joining the blogosphere, and adding my voice to the many that inspire me daily. And maybe, just maybe, my ramblings will help someone at some point, and it will all be worth it.

And next time, I'll promise I'll talk about something writing related!


  1. Hi Claudie, let me be the first to welcome you to the blogosphere. It's amazing how much I have learned about writing online, far more than I ever did from college. Are you writing adult fantasy or YA?

  2. Hey, thanks for the welcome!

    I've written novels that were at the frontier between the two before, but I far prefer adult fantasy. Because of its themes, and because YA often centers its story around a protagonist, whereas I love to see settings evolve.

  3. Good, another adult writer. I think YA is fine, but I feel it underestimates many young readers and is also helping to damage adult fiction as more agents look almost exclusively for YA and ignore us. I hope that trend will not continue for long.

  4. Welcome to the blogging world Claudie! I love finding new people to follow, especially those with such interesting professions mixed with writing. Makes for an interesting journey I'm sure!

    I started blogging in January of this year, and started writing at the same time, it is the best tool I've gained. Everything there is to know about writing is here!

    I love that you write fantasy novels! I write both Adult novels and YA novels, both in different genres. Right now I'm playing the field if you will.

  5. Welcome to the blogosphere!! I'm sure you'll love it--everyone here is very sweet and pretty.

    Can't wait to read your future posts!!

  6. Thanks for the warm welcome, all!

    And Ted, I've always found that YA fiction, what with being centered on teens, will teach them something far different from adult fiction. It's great, but that king of self-discovery journey isn't what I write about, though it's sometimes part of it.

    As for the market share it eats, I can't say I've experienced it. I'm far far -far- away from the query stage. If I'm lucky, it'll change before I get there"