White Echoes

WHITE ECHOES is a soft science-fiction novel, and the one that currently has my attention.

After two drafts during NaNoWriMo '09 and '10, I have finally found the story I want to tell. I am currently writing the third draft.


Henry Schmitt lives on little more than dried noodles and dreams of flying his father's hot air balloon once more. He is forced to abandon the salty comfort of his routine meal when rebel leader Seraphin Holt crashes into his life. Henry discovers his father, gone missing a decade ago, was friends with a member of Seraphin's squad.

Solving the mystery behind his father's disappearance unravels the scheme behind the plague that killed thousands of citizens. In order to honour the collective memory of those who died, Henry must follow in his father's footsteps, expose the conspiracy and bring the culprits to justice.