Edingher is the first of the two novels I intend to work on for the coming years. It is a political fantasy epic, set in a world I have been building for nearly a year now. The first draft will be written this coming NaNoWriMo.


Caporal-mage Ozil Melenski was sent sailing west to discover new lands - or so the official declaration says. Prince Heike is just glad to be rid of the mage while he executes his plan to assassinate his father and become king of Edingher.

Taking the throne and keeping it are two different tasks, however, and newly-crowned King Heike has siblings to deal with. His older brother, the legitimate heir, has escaped south to heretic Cerrei, and his sister just married in neighbouring Faustein's nobility. Melenski's unexpected return complicates the matter, as the powerful mage could tip the scales in any direction.

Prince Heike might dream of leading his conquest-obsessed Edingher out of the dogma that ruined it, but he must first avoid the war his own actions caused.