Friday, September 9, 2011

Blog Anniversary and the Superheroes of Science Blogfest

On September 25th, I will have blogged for an entire year. It's weird to think about it. Time flew by at an incredible speed, and the idea that I'll have written 200 of these little posts by then is mind-numbing. I mean, really? I found something to say on 200 different days through the year? And there's, what, 131 followers that found it interesting enough to stay around? Wow.

It deserves a little something special, don't you think? I sure do.

I'm doing two things. The first is a gift for myself, and the second is, well, something I thought would be fun for everyone. I sure hope so anyway!
Number One: I'm moving the blog! The new one will be on wordpress, with a new name and a new design. There are several reasons for why I'm changing from blogger to wordpress, including flexibility, comment threads and, well, just liking wordpress more. So, future new blog, whoo!

Number Two is the Superheroes of Science Blogfest!

One day, I swear, my buttons will be badass and awesome. One day!

The last time I organised something here (a guest blogger and giveaway), I asked you what aspects of science creeped you out. There were tons of awesome answers, and it remains the most popular post I have to date.

This time we'll visit the other side of science. It deserves some love! Here's how it'll go.

The blogfest takes place between Sept 25th and Sept 30th, on my new digs and your respective blogs. You can participate by answering to one of the prompts below (or anything related) and adding your name to Linky below.

There is a secret prize! At the end of the blogfest, I will use my awesome dice to pick the winner from participants. No extra entries, though you're welcomed to post more than once on the topic. It just won't count for the giveaway. (It'll count as points in my heart, though. I promise!)

Without further ado, the prompts!

Who is the most memorable scientist character to you? What's so special about him?
What scientists - dead, alive or fictional - made a difference in your life?
Is there a scientist you admire? What has he discovered or what is he working on?

This blogfest is as much about fictional science than real one - whichever suits your boat the most. Feel free to take "scientist" in the larger sense of the word. They don't have to be chemist with the beaker in their hands. They can be physicists with wild theories as much as the first mathematicians or philosophers who tried to understand nature. It's a scientist to you? Then it is for me!

Don't forget to join the linky and have a nice weekend!


  1. Awesome! I'm in! Super excited! And congratulations on a whole year of blogging! :D :D :D

    Just to let you know, as far as I know (and I'm not an expert on these things) it is impossible to use Google Connect on This is a major reason why I switched to this week.

  2. That is so weird. I switched from WP to Blogger because I found WP too strict. Well, anyway. I didn't want to play with
    I respect your choice! Perhaps you will convince me otherwise, in time ;)
    Scientist? In a way you are the one closest to a scientist I ever talked directly. Other than that, I always admired Hubert Reeves for his poetic way of explaining the universe. I had the chance to read one of his books during college. Yes, it was the book assigned to me in that class!

  3. Annalise: Thanks! And I know about the Google Connect. There'll be a RSS feed set up, and I might very well move to at some later point.

    Dave: Shhhh, keep the scientist for the blogfest :P Hubert Reeves is a perfectly acceptable answer. He is, after all, very awesome.

    Alex: Don't you write science fiction? ;P There's plenty of scientists around the genre to draw inspiration from.

  4. I definitely would like to participate in this :) Sounds fun! I am debating between two characters for the first prompt right now.