A to Z Blogging Challenge 2011

This year I am participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge!

The goal is to blog every day of the week, with Sunday off for good behaviour, and to do so with each letter of the alphabet. The challenge encourages shorter posts (heeeh, we'll see how I do with that) and prompts bloggers to discover new friends and comments on their posts. Want to know more? Check Tossing it Out, the blog that started it all!

My posts, for easy reference.
A - April's Awesome Alphabetic Adventures
B - Being A Cheerleader
C - Community 
D - Daily Goals
E - Les Écrivains' Exceedingly Extraordinary Encouragements 
F - Five Little Things About Me
G - Geography and Climate in Fantasy
H - Heart in Writing
I - Indecision
J - Jigglypuff Would Make a Great Writer
K - Kukuburi
L - The Lair
M - Music!
N - New Bloggers
O - Old Cities  
P - Project Aether
Q - Querying: the Faraway Milestone
R - Reaching Out
S - Story Structure
T - Tenses
U - Unecessary Quotation Marks and Other Things
V - Vocabulary
W - Wicked! Wicked & Tricksy! 
X - X Marks the Spot -- Geocaching
Y - The One Letter that's also my Favourite Question