Saturday, October 9, 2010

Classical Music Concert

Friday evening I went to a classical music concert. It's not something I listen to at home, but when I get a chance to see an orchestra on a stage, I always jump on the occasion. I find there's something immensely relaxing to sitting down, closing my eyes (or watching the maestro) and just listening to the notes.

There's also something incredibly inspiring.

Friday's was my second concert and for the second time, I had a major breakthrough. Last time I was stuck on a scene and figured out how I wanted to edit it. This time, I found what bothered me with my plot.

I have a whole useless arc. 

Okay, it's not completely useless. I managed to tie it back to the others in the end. But I could easily remove it entirely by tweaking things here and there. Writing it and including it would be indulging myself. I might do it during NaNoWriMo, because it'd be the perfect occasion to do such a thing, but I have to accept that this arc won't be in the final version. It hurts, but it's necessary.

Besides, I have a new arc to replace it with.

Edingher has always been about a social revolution, and the big changes were meant to start with a shift from war to culture. I knew the wood-growing industry would be diverted from ships and war machines to art. I spent the concert staring at the violins. Wood. Music. Art.

I love the new possibilities. I have to replot a third of the novel, but I don't care. This is splendid, and it's far closer to what I want to achieve.

Now I just need to get to work!


  1. I love when inspiration strikes! And you never know where it will come from. :)

  2. Isn't it interesting how it just nags at you when something in a WIP isn't quite right? Like a wrinkle in a sock or the seam sitting on the wrong place across your toes, or trying to drive with the seat in the wrong position, or trying to type with the keyboard at the wrong angle. Or is that just me? :)

  3. No, no, that's not just you. Especially the keyboard thing (I don't drive). I'm at my third different storyline with this WiP, and have yet to get through a first draft (NaNoWriMo will solve that). Sometimes, I worry I'll start over a few more times before I get the basic storyline right.