Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm Glad this is not November

Ironic how after two posts about inspiration I am a bit out of juice, and I'm not sure what to write here? There's this list of topic I jotted down, but none of them light me up. Aah. Good thing this is not NaNoWriMo, then, because the words I'd write would be crap!

Instead I want to share my NaNoWriMo blog schedule. So far I preferred not to have one, but the NaNo season is always a busy one, and I don't want to forget you wonderful people. So here's the plan!

Monday: Regular post.
Wednesday: The link gallore
Friday-Saturday: NaNoWriMo update

This is my planned minimum. Depending on how well the month is going and what goes through my mind, I might come and add some more.

Plus, because the above is hardly interesting and because I won't be posting for another two days, I'm leaving the blog open for any of your questions. Be wild and be silly. I'll answer everything the best I can.

Cheers, and have a nice weekend!


  1. You decide to fly to the states to visit myself and fly. We meet in a city of your choice, for an activity of your choice.

    The question: what do we eat when we go out to lunch?

  2. If there's some local speciality, I don't care how bad it sounds, I want to try it. Otherwise, I'm a big fan of pastas (so simple, but so good!), so I'd shoot for that.

    As for the city of my choice (yup, not in the question, I know), something on the west coast. I've never been west, whether in Canada or in the States.