Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Travel Time

This Monday marks the beginning of my holiday season. I'm aware it's only the 20th, and usually I have a few more days before the 'official' madness begins.

How can I tell it's official? Why do I call it that way?

Holidays for me involve a lot of travelling. My family is scattered around the province, and that never stopped us from meeting to celebrate. This year, I will be spending 15 hours in a car during the next week. Lots of wasted time, eh?

Not at all. Not for me, not since I became a writer. :)

I look forward to travel time now. I'm not the one driving, and so I'm allowed to get lost in my thoughts and to devote a lot of time to my stories. I'll refine my outline, work on my ideas, develop my characters... prepare for the New Year in writing!

Travel time is prime writing time, and in the maddening flurry that the holidays can be, I intend to cherish mine.


  1. I love "writing" in the car. It's amazing how far the imagination can travel as scenery passes by.

    Unfortunately this tendency sometimes hits me when I'm driving too. Bad Bad Bad.

    :-) Have a safe journey.

  2. Driving is one of the best times to storyline outside of the shower (I like the shower best, although it's hard to keep stickies in the shower. It is equally hard to write on a sticky while driving).

    Enjoy your holidays, and when you return I have a blog award waiting for you over on SNS :D

  3. Heading right over, sticky!

    And thanks for the comments, you two. You make me realise how glad I am not to drive (for this, at least) ;)