Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Magic of my Brain

Finals are a rough time. They demand a lot of energy, and all the concentration your brain can muster. One would think that, under such conditions, there wouldn't be a lot of room for writing.

One would be wrong, too.

I discovered something amazing these past four days. Even when I am insanely busy, when I have a billion things to think about, my brain continues to work on my story. It nags at the knots in my plot and looks around for filler to put in the plot holes, never quite pausing, and never quite consciously.

And when I walk those 20 minutes that get me to the University, the brain goes loose. Twenty minutes to tell me everything he's found out! QUIIIICK. 

I've never felt as inspired as during those short walks, to and from my University. Every time, there's a new discovery! It's fantastic. It makes staying away harder, too.

But now, well, I am done at last, and I can finally put down all those notes and changes I've thought about in the last days, and deepen them to make sure they fit with the story. I can go back to my plan, and use it. I can write!

Truly, this is a happy day. Thank you, Brain.


  1. It struck me funny that you called your brain a 'he'!

  2. It drives me crazy how I get these great inspirations for my book when I am so busy that I'm afraid I won't even remember to write down a few key words to remember the great idea by! I remember after finals I was so exhausted I had to have at least a week for my brain to recover.

  3. Ted: Did I --- Oh! Oops. Brain is a masculine word in French. Sometimes when I talk about objects like people, I forget that little thing called "it" ^^

    Margo: I know! I keep a notebook on which is written "Very Good Ideas" around all the time. It's tiny, but it's great for scribbling out spontaneous ideas.

  4. It's cool how the mind keeps working on the story for you while you're busy dealing with life!

  5. The brain is an amazing thing - and quite persistent in what it wants. :)