Thursday, June 16, 2011

Transfection Winners!

Gather round, ladies and gentlement, because it's time to determine our lucky Transfection Winners. Because, really, who never wanted to see his or her cells subjected to transfection?  (Everyone, that's who)

 There were fourteen participants. As a good old-style geek, I dug out my d20 and rolled it until I had five different numbers under fifteen. It sounds simple, right, but by the time I was done, #9 had come up four times. Someone really wanted that copy!

So, let's not mess around any longer! Drumrolls, please!

Winner #1: Watcher55!
Winner #2: Sommer Leigh!
Winner #3: Josephine Wade!  (you're commenter #9, by the way!)
Winner #4: Larry!
Winner #5: Will!


What you guys need to do is e-mail me at claudiea.writer AT gmail DOT com and tell me what format you want the e-book in ( .mobi for Kindle, .epub for everything else).  Don't forget that if you don't have an e-reader, you can always read e-books from your smartphone, iPad or laptops with this free amazon app!

I'll be watching my inbox for you! (like I don't watch it tight anyway).

Meanwhile, you know what this post is missing? More exclamation points! Have some: !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. That D20 is rigged! I demand fresh dice!

  2. If by "rigged" you mean "will roll a 1 when you cannot possibly fail at this very important task otherwise"... then yeah, my dice are rigged.

    Otherwise, I assure you they are perfectly balanced. :P

  3. I have a glow in the dark d20 like that! It rolls an 11 over and over and over again when I need at least a 12, and then it rolls a 1 when it is nearly impossible to fail a roll. I keep it locked in a box so I don't accidentally use it.


  4. So whadda y'all saying about not failing and rolling a 1 instead? That makes me feel like a winner: but Hey - I WON!

  5. Yea! It was a fun contest. I liked reading the comments.

    Is there an aisle I run down with Bob Barker waiting for me?

    Josephine Wade

  6. Wow, I'm late to the party! I'm a little surprised I won, given my terrible luck at luck-based things like this (or saving throws). I'll be sure to tell David what I think!