Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Writing and Drinking

Hello, my name is Claudie, and I am a drinking writer.

In one of my frequent Wicked & Tricksy Twitter Takeover, yesterday, I asked the twitter-verse for research tips.

This was Hektor Karl's fabulous answer:  "I spend a lot of time "researching" the wine, whiskey and beer that the characters drink. I should win a Pulitzer."

OK, raise your hand if you do this kind of research, too!

It's an old tradition to associate writers with alcohol. Ages old, I daresay. After coffee, wine is my favourite fuel. Not too much, otherwise I can't line up words into a correct sentence, but there's no resisting a glass of good wine to go with a little creative juice.

What's your favourite alcoholised writer fuel? Wine, scotch, cocktail, beer? Name it!

(You are welcomed to start your post with "Hello, my name is _______ and I am a drinking writer. Even if your answer is "coffee" or "water"!)


  1. Hi, I'm S.B., and I'm a drinking writer! In a perfect world, I'd have an infinite supply of Highland Park whisky at my elbow. As it is, I usually drink beer-- Lomond Gold blond ale is my current favorite ( Though if I'm writing anytime before 6pm I drink peppermint tea :P

  2. "there's no resisting a glass of good wine"

    Truth be told, I rarely resist even the bad ones. #starvingartist, #cantallbewinners

    Coffee is good, too.

    "Wine, scotch, cocktail, beer?"

    Yes, please.

  3. I don't drink a lot of alcohol (health reasons, not because I don't love it!) but if I could drink while writing, it would be martinis, preferably served to me by a tall dark and delicious waiter at a sushi bar on an outdoor patio with convenient laptop plugs and free wi-fi. There is something inspiring about those candy colored drinks.

    Failing that, I'll have a latte, please. #addict

  4. Hello, my name is Jen and I am a drinking writer!

    And I'm not being sad and drinking alone, because I've got all my characters to keep me company. Wine is also my fuel of choice. White wine with bubbles, please! Although I have been known to break out the tequila when I had no wine.

    But before dark, or before an early morning, it's Turkish apple tea. I think I've actually conditioned myself to it. I can't possibly write without either the tea or the wine. The words just don't come!

  5. SB: Oh, whisky is a very good one. I brought back some high-quality scotch on my last trip to the UK, and I think I'll weep the day I go missing.

    Hektor: Aah, that's one thing we don't have in common. Bad wine gives me headaches really quickly, so I avoid it. I'll take coffee anytime over it. :)

    Sommer: I think I love the siutation as much as I love the idea of a Martini. Outdoor patio, delicious waiter and laptop? Win all the way!

    Jen: Turkish apple tea sounds strange and delicious and awesome! No wonder you can't write without.

  6. Coffee and tea all day for me. Pinot noir in the evening. Take away my beverages and my body won't know if it should be awake or asleep. :/

  7. I never drink, alcoholically, anyway, but that's cool, old-school. Cool :)

  8. Hello, my name is Caitlin and I am a drinking writer. Preferably whiskey. Or coffee. Or whiskey and coffee together. I also like a good latte, but since I'm poor, they're more like splurges.

    Also, Sommer has the right idea.

  9. Hello, my name is Tricia and I am a drinking writer. I prefer coffee or water while writing, but if socially drinking (purely for research purposes, of course) I'll have a Jameson and Ginger ale, please...

  10. Nia: I'd say that's a wise decision, but that'd be saying I'm unwise. OH WAIT. No alcohol: a wise decision. ;)

    cookie: Mixing coffee and alcohol is always a winning combinaison. Always.

    TL: "purely for research purposes, of course" Of course! Why would we ever drink otherwise? ;)

  11. Hello, my name is Alexandra and I am a drinking writer!
    I like Boris Cool, Smirnoff Ice and wine. I don't particularly like red wine so I stick with the Mouton Cadet, Barefoot and Bareflag, although the Vivollo is so good it's dangerous for your liver.
    Of course, alcohol comes second after coffee :)

  12. TL: I know I certainly don't drink unless it is for research purposes. I love research!

  13. in regards to hektor' comment: all the reason to go to vegas.

  14. Oh, Alexandra, I know what YOU drink. I steal from it all the time!

    And cookie is right, hektor. You must come to Vegas!

  15. "And cookie is right, hektor. You must come to Vegas!"


  16. Hi, my name is Callie, and I'm a drinking writer. Mostly it's Earl Grey Tea with honey, but if I'm feeling particularly adultish I might finish the evening writing with a bit of whiskey or a glass of wine.

  17. Somehow, I had never thought of putting honey in Earl Grey Tea. It sounds obvious now, and absolutely delightful. I have to try that!

  18. I truly love dark beer, red wine, and gin; however, I don't drink much, and as one who crafts by breaking glass... I never drink and go into my studio. Now I drink even less.