Monday, February 28, 2011

March is Butt in Chair Month

I haven't touched my five days. I've barely thought about it, and when I did, it was to reflect on how much I missed the writing. I had no time. Study. Work. Study and Work. The boyfriend. Work again (seriously, I think half my workplace was ill at once).

Life getting in the way, in short.

I realised something during those five days, however. I never miss writing as much as when I can't do it. This is good, in a way. What is less good is that when I have plenty of time to sit down and work on the novel, I do something else. I procrastinate.

March rolls around tomorrow and I'll have 15,000 words on White Echoes. I wish I had triple that amount. Especially since Script Frenzy will keep me from doing much in April (except the script, of course, which is for the Shiny New Idea I had at the start of the month)

What does this mean? March is Butt-in-Chair month. By the end of the month, I want to be at 50,000 words. This means a little over 1000 words every day. I can do this. There may not be November's frenzy, but I have my writerly friends around, and they know how to kick my ass into gears.

Discipline is essential for a writer. There will always be tons of things happening in my life to keep me away from my WIP. I might as well learn to deal with them right away.

So bring it on, March! I'm ready for you.

Edit: After receiving some feedback from friends, we decided to make this an 'official' event. If you want to join, pick a goal (it can be any side project) and jump in! We'll be tweeting with the #MarchisBIC hashtag. 


  1. I didn't work on my novel for twenty-six days until yesterday. Crap. So I'll be doing the same thing in March. Good luck!

  2. I going to be the opposite of you in March. My writing is going on the back burner while I focus on school and life and stuff. Good luck!

  3. *Cheer!* It is good to dig in and get serious sometimes. It is too easy to let things get in the way of doing what we want to do the most. What we need to do. Keep us posted on the progress, ok?

  4. Sommer: I will! We decided to set weekly goals, and mine is 7000-8000 words. You can check the word meter on the right whenever you feel like it, too!

    Aimee: Sounds like we switched February and March in our schedule. Good luck with school. I know how it can get at times.

    Sushi: Let's kick March's ass!

  5. Good for you! I'm doing Ali Cross' revising ninja dojo this month.

    My CP Becka gave me the Sweet Award so I had to see who passed it to her. Nice to meet you!