Sunday, February 13, 2011

Me Plus You -- Smitten BlogFest Entry

This post brought to you in line with Sommer Leigh's Smitten! Blogfest. The idea is simple. As writers, we spend a lot of time telling others' stories. Today, however, you get mine.

I hesitated before entering this blogfest because while I often talk about what I do and work on as I writer, I try not to get my personal life on the blog. This is a special occasion. I hope you enjoy it.

Oh and before I start, Sommer Leigh will be holding a College of Blogging series of posts from February 15th and onward. Check it out.


Last December I asked someone out. I did it on a Saturday, and I'd known for a week I would be doing it. Longest week ever (it doesn't help that I had finals).

I didn't just 'ask', however. Oh no. I'm a writer. I needed something special. Something dramatic. 

So I prepared something simple and direct. Last month he had shown me black and white pictures from a site,, one of which is "Me Plus You".

On that faithful day we had planned to watch movies with common friends. We also had tickets for my sister's play. We took a spontaneous walk around Old Quebec. We spent the entire day together, but there was always either someone around, or I'd left the picture home. Longest day ever.

But when we finally got home, I gave him a printed version of this picture, on which I'd written "Even a writer knows a picture is worth a thousand words."

It worked. I will always remember his small squeeing sound. I will always remember our first kiss. It worked and we are still together now.  

Best day ever.


For the record, I find it ironic that the porn picture that snuck unto my blog did it on the post about love. It's a good thing ridicule doesn't kill.  (and apologies again)


  1. OH my god I think this is the best story I've ever read. How awesome are you! I'm very happy now that I hosted the blogfest because this is a very cool story I'm glad you felt comfortable sharing. It's so sweet!!!

    I missed the porn entry. Something weird was happening yesterday on my blog as well. I have a "retweet" button in the upper right hand corner of every blog post. I had to disable it because it was showing a youtube video I'd posted a while ago in its place, only shrunk way down to the size of the retweet button. No idea what gremlins lurk in these here blogs.

  2. Maybe someone spent Valentine's Day screwing around with the internet? With the porn entry the story sounds as though I gave him a porn picture to ask him out... and I have to admit, that's kind of hilarious.

    Still, no one comes here to see THAT, and I far prefer this version of the tale. ;) Glad you loved it!