Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sweet Sweetness!

A quick note to everyone: I have mid-semesters exams coming next week. This means I am busier than usual, and will be posting less. Apologies to all, but you'll understand I can hardly post something intelligent on a regular basis when my head is full of molecules and metabolism reactions.

On to the post itself!

Are you hungry now? I sure am!

Apparently I am sweet. I received this award not once, but twice! Endless thanks to Margo and Cacy for this. I'm thrilled to learn you're enjoying your time here so much.

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award. (done!)
2. Share four guilty pleasures that you have.
3. Pass the award on to six other blogs.

Guilty pleasures!

1. Nutella. I kid you not, I could eat seven slices of bread with Nutella in the morning. I used to do it when I was 10, and I think it accounts for some of the neverending energy I have today. I'd put Nutella anywhere. I once did on brocoli (and it was still good!)

2. Being a groupie. I can be a bit obsessive. No, wait, scratch that. I'm obsessive. I almost never just 'like' something. I adore it. I squeal and dance upon hearing its name. I'll be sure to buy tickets for concerts from artists I love. I'll put their music on repeat for months. I'm the perfect fan. Obsessive-compulsive, but never a stalker!

3. Inglorious Basterds. This goes with #2, but I believe my love for this movie goes beyond the normal amount of groupie-ness. Ironically, I'm not into violent movies most of the time. Something about Inglorious Basterds strikes me as so damn funny, though... and, well... Hans Landa. 'nough said, otherwise I will start quoting him.

4. Feigning I don't get sarcasm. Whenever someone says something in an obviously sarcastic tone to me, I act as though I think he's serious. It puts people off-guard and I find it hilarious. My friends are used to it now, and most of the time they carry on, but anyone else doesn't quite know how to react. TRY IT, I guarantee some fun.

Other sweet sweet friends 

First, two of my fellow NaNoers who've yet to receive this award, and whose company I still enjoy long after MSN is over: BookOwl and Rebecca Enzor (at Sticky Notes Stories). They're two great, funny aspiring writers!

Then we have Susan, at Ink Spells. Susan writes middle grade fiction, and her blog is full of great advice, deep reflexions and general fun. Check it out!

You should also check out Jen, from Jen's Bookshelf, who contributes daily to making this online community friendly and funny. She's just made a great post about new ideas and love affairs.

Finally, I'd like to link to two "blogs" over the internet. They're not writing blogs. In truth, they're not even proper blogs. They are webcomics. I read a great deal of webcomics, but these two have a striking art and an intriguing, absolutely unique storyline.

Because I couldn't quite sum up the story as well as its creator, here's from the website:
The Meek is a graphic novel about Angora, an inexperienced young girl who has been sent on a quest to save the world. War looms on the horizon, and at its helm is the Emperor of the North and his hellish adviser. The two countries are overwhelmed with as much terror, crime, disease and revolution as they are with those who wish to create peace. Armed with only her instincts and an unexplainable power, she must experience and judge the world—and decide once and for all if it is truly worth saving.
 Second is Hanna Is Not A Boy's Name. Hanna is a paranormal detective who sucks at his job. Thankfully he has his zombie partner to keep him out of trouble (or, well, alive) and a whole crew of shady friends to make his life lively. Gorgeous art, hilarious strips, intriguing storyline. This webcomic is a gem.

Because we're speaking of sweetness, I think Sommer Leigh should get a special mention. She already has the award, but she's everything the word means! A mention to Hillary, at Impudent Hatchlings, who'd be on this list if she wasn't the one who'd passed the award to Margo.

Before I go, thanks to everyone for making blogging so insanely fun!


  1. OMG, I sooo love #1 and #3 - except for Mike Myers, who I think did a terrible cameo in that film. He kept looking at the camera like, "Have you noticed yet that I'm Mike Myers?" Ack! But OMG I loved the part about the Americans speaking Italian. We so resemble that joke. AND I just had nutella crepes for breakfast last weekend (no, I'm not supposed to have chocolate, but it was *nutella*)! And it's past my bedtime, which is why I'm rambling semi-coherently. :)

  2. Yay for semi-coherent rambling! For the record I hadn't even recognised Mike Myers the first time I watched it. I was too occupied *melting* at Hicox' accent.

  3. Oh my god, nutella...I could live off of nutella for the rest of my life and be ok with that. I make this delicious homemade bread during the summer and I slather it with nutella. So awesome.

    And also! You can't see it but I totally can't stop smiling over your kind words :-) You've completely, absolutely made my day. I'm glad I clicked over before I started work becuase it just got so much better. Thank you.

  4. Hahaha interesting...

    Love Inglorious Basterds. It's really amusing. :-)

  5. Oh yes, being a groupie is certainly one of my things too. I love scouring in the internet for photos and fanfics whenever I find a new thing to love (currently Battlestar Gallactica, or to be more precise Kara on BSG).

    Thanks for the award! How Sweet of you ^_^

  6. Sommer: All I have to say is "You deserve it". Nyah. :P

    Sticky: Oh gosh, Battlestar Galactica - yet another SF series I'm almost afraid to watch (who knows what'll happen if I do!)

  7. I will definitely have to try acting like I don't get sarcasm, sounds fun :p

    And thanks for the blog award! Never got one of those before. Do I have to do those three things?

  8. Oh, I know what will happen if you do. You won't get any writing done for WEEKS. :D

    But it's SO GOOD. Totally worth being behind!

  9. BookOwl: There's no obligation, of course! This is a fun way to spread the love to other blogs if you want, though!

    Sticky: One day, one day... ;)