Friday, September 16, 2011

Three Blogfests or A Recipe for Frankenstein

It's blogfest season! Don't tell me there's no such things. There is no other way to explain the pile (read three) of new and awesome blogfests coming our way. One of which is mine. Yeah.

Anyway, here they are:

The I AM LEGEND blogfest

My blog isn't the only one who's nearing its one-year anniversary. I stopped counting how often I linked to Urban Psychopomp, but there you go. Once more! In her own words:

"The idea behind the blogfest is to give people an opportunity to share what is EPIC LEGEND WIN about their WIP or their favorite book. Is it a larger than life mythical creature? Is it a hero possessing such tenacity that he puts all other heroes to shame? Is it a war of such devastation that the human psyche will never be the same?"

This is going to be fun. There is Epic in all of our stories, and it's time to get it out. Not to mention, there are prizes! Hoorah!

Go to this post and sign up. You know you want to.

The great MonsterFest 2011!

Halloween is getting closer, and Sommer Leigh is preparing something big for it. It's no secret that we need to prepare ourselves from the onslaught of monsters that will rise on October 31st, and for that she is calling forward the League of Monstrologists.

Who are these guys? Well, us! Or, from the page: "Anyone who studies, writes about, reads about, hunts, loves, and/or is scared of monsters. There’s no formal education or training, no credentials needed. If monsters stalk your dreams, your waking curiosities, your writing, then you’ve been a Monstrologist all this time!"

If you're a monstrologist, it's your solemn duty to help us build a comprehensive informal guide of all things monstrous and terrifying! You can (and should) learn more on the MonsterFest's page

Superheroes of Science Blogfest

Yep, I know, this one is mine! I just wanted to remind you that sign-ups are ongoing for the Superheroes of Science Blogfest, celebrating the great scientists of our world, whether imaginary or not.

I want to stress this last point, because I'm well aware that today, scientists don't occupy a place of prestige and influence, and most people only know a few names. There are, however, a great number of scientists in movies, novels, TV shows and comics. It doesn't matter if your scientist is real or fictionnary, a hardcore physicist or an engineer. If you love him (or her) or if was an influence on your life or stories, this is the time to honour him.

Don't forget I'm giving away a copy of Forgotten Gods, a historical novel from fellow scientist and writer SB Stewart-Laing, at Writing the Other. It's coming out on the e-shelves tomorrow! So excited.

So this is it. Monsters, Mad Science and Stuff of Legends. I told you this was a recipe for Frankenstein!

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Ok, they sound like some blogfests I just HAVE to be a part of!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! There are a lot of good blogfests coming up that I can't wait to participate in.

    I'm so nervous and excited about MonsterFest. Whenever I do these things, I am always worried it'll be like some tragic movie birthday party where no one shows up and I have to eat the entire cake by myself.

  3. Angeline: I know, right? I'm getting so excited for end-of-September and October! :)

    Sommer: Well, at least that makes *more* cake. :P The MonsterFest is going to be a blast, no worries.

  4. Spreading the news about all of these on my blog. Best of luck!

  5. Is the superheros of science blogfest still going? I did not see anywhere to sign up or a linky to join????

  6. Wow... I usually don't do blogfests, but these sound like a lot of fun! *seriously considers*

    Also, good to meet you, fellow Canadian Campaigner!

  7. Ms Saba: It is! The linky is in the original post ( ) The blogfest starts next week!

    Faith: Hey, fellow canadian! You should give in to the dark side and joiiin.