Monday, September 5, 2011

Back on the Blog

Wow, what a week. I'm sorry I missed the promised post last week but with the way my life went, it was the last thing on my mind.

But hey. I survived and I finished Camp NaNoWriMo in time. Huzzah!

In the meantime, Annalise Green tagged me for a 10 Random Facts Meme, which I will gladly do. You should check her out, because in the last week I've seen talk of Phoenix Wright, scary monsters, Earthbound, coffee and, of course, writing. All things that are downright awesome. (Also, she slays dragons with lasers. Epic.)

Also in the list of awesome writers discovered through the Campaign is Ari Susu-Mago, who just passed the Liebster award over here again.  Thanks a lot! Among other things, she posted this fascinating video. Sharing-worthy!

Now on to the ten facts, hm?

1. I love the letter W. I don't know why. It's one of those irrational, quirky love I carry around. It's a rare letter in French (worth 10 points in Scrabble), which is happily not the case in English. I once spent 20 minutes of walk making long W alliterations.

2. I used to think I'd read a lot of fantasy until I started hanging around fantasy writing communities. Then I realised I was missing out on most of the genre. It was one of the happiest discovery of my life.

3. I once joked to my ex that "Purple was Evil" in a very random context. The joke went viral in my circles of friends. All of them. Today Purple is my favourite colour (along with orange!)

4. I start school tomorrow!!!! I've been waiting for this day for about a month now. Although one could say that since this is the start of my Creative Program, I've been waiting for it for a year and a half.

5. My biochemistry program almost killed my love for science. Now that I'm (nearly) done, and with this blog frequently posting about it, I am finally rediscovering why it makes me so giddy.

6. I'm a squid. I even have a squid hat (which is cuddly and makes a wonderful pillow). True story.

7. I have Einstein in my bedroom. Not a poster. Not a plush. A puppet. It is from Prague, renowned for its puppet, and I love it to pieces. Best birthday gift ever! Look:

8. I haven't written a word in about a week now, and it feels so good. It was time for me to take a break. Apparently said break is called Minecraft.

9. I love to wake a hour earlier than I need to and enjoy my coffee and breakfast, read my newspaper and take it easy. It relaxes and awakens me. I don't do this often enough.

10. My bloganniversary is coming and I am planning something for you guys. Oh yes. To Be Announced this week or the next!


  1. Welcome back! Your Einstein puppet is very cool!

  2. Congrats on the start of your writing program! Have a great first day. I hope it gets you all revved up for writing.

  3. Margo: It was great! OK, the two first teachers I met are pantsers who don't believe in plans, but they are professional writers who know the basics, have a great sense of humour and were just so great to listen to. Also, a lot of exercises were promised. ^^

    Sommer, Jen: It's awesome, isn't it? I can make it dance and walk and teach. <3