Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A February of Writing

At this moment my scene-by-scene outline has 4000 words and is about 75% complete. I have a firm grasp on this storyline, and more importantly, my plot is solid. I can feel, once again, the excitement of the approaching first draft rising.

All I've written since November is a flash fiction. My fingers are craving for the mad typing that comes with my speedy first drafting activities. They want to hit the keyboard, again and again, as I explore this new version of WHITE ECHOES.

I'd get started now, but I know better. This time, I want a complete outline.

Thus, I decided to give myself a deadline. I'm good at meeting writing deadlines (or at least, I've been good at it for the past year).  

By the end of January, I will have finished my outline. Then I can start writing!

What about you guys? Any incoming deadlines or projects?


  1. Not really. I would like to finish my rewrite by the end of April.

    And I'm so far ahead I feel uncomfortable.

    Weird hey?

  2. I want to finish my outline and my pre-draft synopsis and start writing by April 1. I'd try for earlier, but I know the synopsis workshop I have in February and the Maass workshop I have in March will make me want to change things anyway.

  3. Wild! I am working on an outline right now and plan to finish by the end of January as well. It is for the second draft of my current WIP "The Wilds." Technically it is already written but the plot is just...not right. I made some poor choices somewhere and am going in and rewriting a significant portion of the middle and some of the end. So I've been reoutlining the whole thing in preparation.

    Good luck with your work! I know and totally understand feeling the antsy need to just start now. I've got the bug myself.

  4. Sommer: Ah yes! Mine's a rewrite of what I got in November's wild rush.

    Margo: So jealous of your workshop with Maass. And you're right, after that you'll want to shuffle everything around!

    Misha: A bit weird, yeah, but that's good news! I can take so long with these things, I'm *never* ahead.