Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reading VS Writing

One of the most difficult challenge I've had since starting University (nearly three years ago) was to find time for both reading and writing. Two incredibly enjoyable activities, which both contribute to my writing skills in their own way, and which I refuse to sacrifice.

The problem is, I can barely fit them in my schedule. Most of the time, reading was put aside.

 So this is one of my 2011 goals. Read more.

I started on Jan. 1st with my first Terry Pratchett (one must question why I took so long) and the goal is to pick up a book as soon as I finish another. It has risks - when I get into a novel, I drop everything else - but I'd love to see my TBR pile in a stable state for once.

What about you guys? I bet I'm not the only one with TBR-pile problems!


  1. I have a ridiculous to-be-read pile. I read very little while in college thanks to schoolwork and major procrastination issues, so now that I'm out of school I'm trying to catch up. There's so much out there to read, and there are so many book I feel I should have read but haven't, which is why I'm starting with Pride and Prejudice, which is near the top of the "should have read by now" pile.

  2. My TBR pile is in a stable state...so far. It grows taller at a consistent rate. It's the day that it falls over that I'm worried about.

    Good luck with your new year's resolution. Writers should read... and read... and read.

    Cheers --- Larry

  3. Oh, gosh. My TBR tower has gotten way higher than zoning codes allow. It currently consists of bricks by Jim Butcher, Laurell K. Hamilton (multiple), C.E. Murphy (multiple), Patricia Briggs (multiple), Amanda Downum, Seanan McGuire, Ilona Andrews, plus some non-fiction by Jonathan Safran Foer and Christopher McDougall, and I'm looking to put in additions of Cherie Priest, Charles de Lint, Neil Gaiman, more Butcher, some China Mieville, and maybe some Ekaterina Sedia.

    Luckily, I'm moving at the end of this month, and I should have a 3-4 day lull without access to cable tv or the internet. Perfect for reading!

  4. I'm the same way. Everyday life demands time away from the pleasures of a good book. Warning on Terry Pratchett's books - once you pick one up you won't stop until it is finished. I find I have to wait for my vacations to read his Discworld novels - but oh so worth it!

  5. JoniB: I may have read the warning two days late. Oops, the book is already over. ;) Thankfully, only my sleep suffered from it.

    Sushi: Oh gosh, Pride and Prejudice. Also way HIGH on my list. Now I'm moving to Jules Vernes, though.

    Larry: When we next get an earthquake here, I'll know your pile fell!

    Margo: I feel kind of bad I don't know half the names on your list, which in turn makes me want to add them to *my* pile. Hush, before my pile grows even bigger. O.o