Friday, March 25, 2011

Looking Back At the Travelled Road

The other day I looked at a text from a fellow writer. I don't often critique others yet, as I feel I've got a long way to go. When I do give advice, it's with a heads-up of where I believe I am at in my learning curve.

Now this is going to sound mean, and it's not meant that way at all. But looking at her text? I knew how far along I'd come.

This is very satisfying.

It's always easier to see mistakes in other's text, but this was something else. I could see traces of where I was at about a year ago. Basic mistakes I no longer do.

I'm afraid there's little else to this post but the satisfaction of looking back at the road, and smiling at how far I've come (nevermind how far I still have to go). 

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. You got me grinning.

    I appreciate it when I see mistakes I often did a few years ago and no longer do.
    You said it perfectly: it's very satisfying :)

  2. I listened to a Stephen King interview recently. First he gave his talk about how reading is so important to any writer serious about writing. Then he said, one day you will read a book and say, OMG, I can write better than this author, and that's when you'll know you're a writer!

    I look forward to reading your alphabet posts in April.

  3. Thanks, all!

    Gail: I'd be careful with the "I can write better than X" for two specific reasons.

    1) I believe there are published authors who aren't *that* good craft-wise (let's not name anyone here).

    2) If you're not careful it can become a deadly disheartening game of "Why is X pubished and I'm not?" I'm not a fan of bitterness.

    I do see King's point, however. At some point you start recognising faults in other writers and that is a good sign.