Friday, March 11, 2011

Some Things Never Change

I did it again.

The oldest reader might remember when, way back in October, I explained how hard it was for me to work consistently on a single project. I'm not loyal is how I put it. I don't know why. Perhaps my brain isn't wired to spend too much time on one thing. The plan at the moment was to work alternatively on Edingher and White Echoes.

Surely, I could stick with two ideas, right?

Good one, that. This week I was reminded of how I loved Edingher's setting. Then, one night I woke from a dream with a brand new take on City of Spires, the only draft I ever edited. Not to mention February's new idea, with Fezim, which is the subject of my Script Frenzy and keeps haunting me. Four ideas. And I'm not even halfway through White Echoes' first draft.

I'm thrilled I have so many characters and plots dancing in my head. I am. But one has to wonder how I'll ever finish anything if I hope between four projects. I can't spend my life writing first drafts. It's not exactly the best way to learn to tighten my prose.

So here it is. Between the four projects, my writing energy went down. I managed to maintain the pace and even get ahead... until yesterday. I'll have to fight hard starting next Tuesday (no way I'll get a lot down until then) to catch up with the lateness.

March is fighting back hard, throwing back my old enemies at me, but I haven't lost the fight yet.

Oh, and tune in next week for the two last MICE story structure, Character and Event!


  1. You just have to lock yourself in a room without food or water until you're finished a story. Just like they do at the Vatican when they're choosing a new Pope. I mean, you want to be Pope, right? Wait. I mean, you want to be a bestseller, right?


  2. Great blog! I know what you mean, new ideas are so exciting and shiny. Resistance is futile...

  3. Oh god, I know this feeling! You know I know this feeling! I used to tell myself that it was subconscious telling me that the first project wasn't working I just have to accept I have no work ethic!

  4. Eh, I just run with it. While I technically have about eight zillion WIPs, only a handful of them are talkative at one time. Sure, it takes me longer, but I HAVE finished things. And the more you write, the better you get--it doesn't matter what draft you're on. Where's the shame? ;)

  5. Bryan: Without food and water, eh? I'm rather curious about how the end of the WIP would look if I tried that!

    Sammy: Thanks! Still trying to resist over here. I might be deluding myself.

    Jen: 'Maybe this project isn't working out' <--- I've been telling myself that all week. Scary!

    Raquelin: Ooh, I can tell you where the shame is. It's when you're asked "How's your writing going? Still working on that story with elves?" and you know there's been four new WIP since the one he is refering to. In 18 months. ;)