Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Giant KAPOW!

Molecular models for the win!

I hope you backed up your lives, ladies and gentleman, as today might be the end of us all.

May 12th. A plague unleashed upon us all. A young boy, trading a corndog for a spaceship, shooting into space and blowing up the universe. Be ready for it!

It's time to party! 

May 12th is the release date of Jacob Wonderbar and the Giant Space Kapow, by the most awesome Nathan Bransford, whose blog and forums I've squatted for months now. Did I say he is awesome? Oh yes, I said he was awesome.

In honour of this launch, here is one explosive mix: Alkali Metals and Water!

P.S: Thursday is my post day at Wicked & Tricksy! Come check it out, if you dare.


  1. Watching stuff get blown up is fun. But even more so when the people doing it have British accents. Don't know why. Just is. :)

    And yay Nathan and Jacob Wonderbar!!

  2. Oh yeah - backup! backup! and backup!

  3. I can't believe the irony of this post considering it's the one blogger took away. Back up indeed!