Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fever and Giveaway -- Thankfully Not Combined

It would be mean to give away whatever I caught. Ironic, don't you think, that on the day I did my last virology exam, I caught a bad virus? The last 7-8 days have been full of sneezing, fever and coughing. Not good for blogging. Not good for writing.

This means that unless I get better tomorrow, it is likely there will be nothing new here until Monday 9th, AKA Wicked & Tricksy's launch!

Which brings us to our next topic. (ooh, transitions!)

First, if you aren't doing it already, I recommend you follow us on Twitter. I go there every day and ask one silly little question. Loving the answers so far! We are at Wicked_Tricksy.

Second... giveaways! I spoke of rumours of giveaways, and indeed, we will have things for you! During the first week, everyone who follows us and signs up for it will receive a cool, glossy, pretty and awesome (want adjectives. I have adjectives) bookmark designed by Sommer. During the fourth week, we're hosting a blogfest and challenge, at the end of which four lucky writers will receive mystery boxes of awesome

That sums it up! Don't forget, everyone: Wicked & Tricksy launches on May 9th, with a special Community Theme. Come join us! 


  1. Oh, no, I hate getting sick! Headaches are the worst for me DX

    And I'm still waiting, with bated breath I might add, for Wicked and Tricksy! So excited!

    And Mystery Boxes of Awesome? So awesome :D

  2. I always tell my son he can't get rid of a cold until he gives it away to someone else. It helps that I'm not a biochemist. I can say stuff like that and believe it. :)

    Feel better. You have a big launch on Monday!

  3. Taylee: Hey, you could get one of those boxes. Soon, soon. (I am so excited it's barely bearable).

    LG: Does that mean he goes around sneezing on people? That'd be hilarious (and kinda mean to the poor kids at his school)

  4. There are an amazing number of people who apparently believe they can get rid of a sickness by giving it to someone else. I spend a lot of time in elevators at my hospital clinging to corners as people sneeze and cough over EVERYTHING. Fortunately, working in a hospital also means I have a superhero-like immune system

    I hope you feel better soon!

  5. I was hoping you were giving away fevers. I was going to ask for Dengue.

  6. Chris, I have been told that I was evil often, but I swear, only my villains purposefully spread a plague. ;)