Wednesday, May 18, 2011

School is Out? Maybe for you!

Today is going to be a short and sweet post. In fact, you should expect Thursdays to be quick presentations of news, funny videos or other announcements on a regular basis now. The reason is simple: you can get your fill of me at Wicked & Tricksy! And yes, I'm aware this makes you all sound addicted. A girl can dream!

So what is on the menu today? The School's Out 4Ever Blogfest!

This awesome no-seriousness-allowed blogfest was launched by my Wicked comrade Sommer Leigh, who always seems to have so many cool ideas bubbling in her head!

The idea is simple: on May 30th, you tell us a story about your time in high school. It can be anything. Go wild! Have fun! If you're out of ideas, click on the button for a link to Sommer's post, with prompts. Well, you should click anyway, because she has a Mr. Linky up for you to sign up. You know you want to.

Be sure to drop here on the 30th, too, for a wild story about tug-of-war, winter carnival and public humiliation!

Also, every time I read this blogfest's name, I can't help but think "I wish." School is out for the summer in my case, but certainly not forever!


  1. How many years do you have left?

  2. Two years, including one which has two extra classes. I can't wait to be out, and at the same time, I'm scared to be done. The usual, I guess. ;)