Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W - Wicked! Tricksy!

W at last!

Guys, gals, you can't know how long I've been waiting for W to come about -- and not just because I'm done with school! I have big news. Fun news. An important announcement!

Wicked & Tricksy

What's Wicked & Tricksy? It's a blog! It's a group blog, even.

Wicked & Tricksy is an initiative by four aspiring writers of speculative fiction to provide a place for the community to gather and share. There'll be plenty of craft talk, asking of hard questions and offering of insight, and we hope that you will be as much a part of it than us.

Four aspiring writers? Yep and we all write a different type of speculative fiction. I'm high fantasy.

My three fellow masters in crime are none other than... *drumrolls*
  1. Margo, from Urban Psychopomp! Margo is our local epic and urban fantasy expert. She'll rock your socks. Or perhaps roar them off.
  2. SB, from Writing the Other. SB is in charge of historical fantasy. Her pool of knowledge about celtic myths is endless, I tell you, and never boring. 
  3. Sommer, from Tell Great Stories. Sommer is our superwoman -- or so her current WIP would suggest. She's also funny, sweet and knows more about everything from science fiction to steampunk, without forgetting atompunk or raygun gothic than anyone else I know.
And! And... There will also be most-awesome guest bloggers on Fridays! Fun, thoughtful people with great things to say. I said it, this is a platform for everyone and we would love to see you step on the Friday Stage and join the fun.

I am excited. This line exists to allow me to take a deep breath before I choke you to death with my excitement.

Because Wicked & Tricksy is meant to be a gathering place for the community, that is our first week's theme. There are also rumours (very, very strong rumours) of a cool giveaway during our first two weeks.

Don't miss the fun. Visit us at on May 9th. Pretty, pretty please?

And if you're afraid you'll miss the launch, you can follow us on Twitter, where fun will be had in the meantime.

Happy W Day, all!

EDIT: I forgot something important! If any of you wanted to help spread the word, we have a whole press kit built to help. Feel free to e-mail me ( claudieawriter AT ) and I'll pass it along. :)


  1. Finally, the secret is revealed. Wishing you guys the best with it. Should be awesome.

  2. Wow! great announcement! Congrats! I'll be sure to visit!

  3. Yay! This sounds great. I shall bookmark it immediately.

  4. I'm so excited!!!! I couldn't get on the computer until just now and I spent the first couple of hours in the morning sitting on my hands as the nerves overtook me. AGH! SO EXCITED!!!

  5. VERY EXCITED FOR YOU! Can't wait to see what you fab four come up with. Am bookmarking pronto.

  6. Everyone: You guys have no idea how much your enthusiasm warms my heart. Seriously. No longer is Friday the best day of the week. I declare it to be Wednesday!

  7. This sounds so cool. I can't wait to see what you all pull together--I'm sure it will be amazing!

    How'd the test go yesterday?

  8. TL: Yesterday's went OK. Today's went super well. My school is officially over. :D

  9. Ooh, sounds awesome! Can't wait to see it! Bookmarked!

  10. Hey! Congrats on the end of the semester!!

  11. What a fantastic idea! It looks like you've helped assemble a really stellar group. Glad your anticipation for "W" was Well-Worth the Wait!

    And nice blog!

  12. School is over over? Or just over for this year?

  13. Over just for this year, Elizabeth. Although I only have two classes left in my Biochem major. :)

    Matthew: Well Worth the Wait indeed! I hope it'll be that for all of you, too.