Thursday, April 7, 2011

F - Five Little Things About Me

Thus ends the series of pep talk-y posts. I don’t know where that came from, but I love myself some positive posts.

And today?

Today's a special get-to-know-me post!  Everyone has their quirks and I love it when a blog award asks people to list special things about them. So here we go, five little things about me that I kept from you when I received the Stylish Blog Award. ;)

1. On January 25th 2010, I slipped on a patch of ice and was filmed by the provincial TV. My fabulous fall was on the continuous information chain for 24 hours and on the local evening news. It is still available on the internet (go to 00:25 and watch)

2. I have a twin sister. I also have an older brother and an older sister. They are also twins. We like to say mom's ovaries were on steroids.

3. I have never dated a man that lived in the same city as I do. All three boyfriends I had (or still have, in one case!) lived on an island, and never the same.

4. Next fall I finish a major in Biochemistry. Three years after I started it, I still don't know if it was the right choice (it's that writing thing that makes me doubt... It's so fun!)

5. I have herpes and enjoy cuddling with it. It's a cute plush which I received at Christmas and which is the source of many bad jokes. I also have an ulcer and sperm.

That's it, and now it's your turn. The A to Z Blogging Challenge is bringing a lot of new folks on this little corner of the internet, and I want to know who you are! Share one thing about you in the comments (don't be shy, I only bite once in a while!), so we get to know each other better. :)


  1. I had to watch the video! Looks like that was a painful day to leave the house!

    A thing about me: When I was seven I carved my sister's initials on my dad's new bar. Had it worked, it would have been the best revenge ever. I don't remember how long I was grounded for.

  2. no.5 was an eye opener. Never heard of plush before, but I'm going to pretend I still haven't and just think of you as very open minded and laid back about your personal issues.

    Of all the 'this is me' posts I've read, yours is up there for oddness. Very interesting.

  3. the world needs talented writers who know science. I have a kitchen filled with art featuring birds but I have also developed an allergy to eating birds.

  4. Michael Crichton who has been writing since 1966 with more books than I care to count holds a medical degree from Havard. I think there's nothing wrong with writers who have a degree in a literary field but I think some of the greatest works come from people who have more knowledge than knowing how to formulate words correctly. The knowledge of the outside world brings so much more. Get your degree then write those shards of your mind that will surely become true page turners one day!

  5. Jen: Oh boy, my dad would've been SO pissed. He loves his kitchen. Also, good revenge idea.

    mooderino: *snickers* Yeah, I'm the kind of gal who discusses these things online.

    Stratoz: Maybe your body gets scared your birds will attack if you eat one of their peers. (yep, very sciency, that!)

  6. Coincidence, I also have a twin sister and older brother and sister, except they aren't twins.

  7. no5 made me stop for a minute, then I clicked the link and laughed. Cute.

    Something about me? I don't like to eat fruit that has the potential to get my fingers sticky. Oranges freak me out as does watermelon. Any juicy fruit needs to be cut and eaten with a spoor or fork. Or spork.

  8. Well, I think you already know that but I collect mugs. I swear, I have over 10 mugs in my bedroom here in Québec, something like 5 in Saguenay. When I see a pretty mug I have to buy it.
    Same thing with thermos in fact!

  9. This was so great! I haven't watched the video yet, but I will when I get home. I promise not to laugh. Much.

    Something about me? Well, I'm there with TL in that I don't eat fruit that has the potential to get me sticky. I HATE it. Totally wigs me out.

    Something else is I was adopted when I was 2 days old. There's a possibility I have a slightly older sister, but there's no way to track her down.

  10. Sommer, TL: No juicy fruits, really? Wah! I hate getting my hands sticky, but some of these are too good to pass up. I'm a fruit-lover.

    M.E.: Twins unite! I don't know if your experience is anything like mine, but my twin is awesome.

    Cat: I'm far too stubborn to abandon the degree. Especially since I'm just a few classes away from it. I do like what I learn, whenever I think back about it.

    Blues: Yeah. Remember that mug I gave you? I KNOW you love them. :P

    -- And I'm so glad I did this post. I love your replies, everyone. :D

  11. I once saw a flying saucer.
    I know that's not as shocking as the herpes thing, but, hey- it's all I got! :0
    I'll see you tomorrow!

  12. Fun post, Claudie. I think you're right about people having degrees outside of English making good writers. Oh, wait, I have BS in Environment and Resource Mgt. I might be biased. :)

  13. I can't write when I am reading a book. My characters and the characters in said book just don't play nice together.