Saturday, April 9, 2011

H - Heart in Writing

It takes a lot of heart to write. It doesn't matter at which step you are at in your career. Your poor little beating organ is your best companion.

First, you choose a story close to your heart. You love its setting, its character, its plot. You research and build around your story. A ribcage to protect the heart, let it beat undisturbed. You plan, take a deep breath, sit down.

Pour your heart on the page. The words flowing with every beat, bleeding.

You end up with a mess. Take out your tools to clean it up. Dig to the heart of the story. Make it shine.

When it's ready you send your story out. You wait, your heart twisting and pounding. The answer comes and breaks your heart. Again and again.

Don't worry. Take heart. You have friends and family to support you. Never forget you are on their mind and in their hearts

One day your story will touch an agent's heart, then a publisher's. They will put it to print and it will be picked by readers.

Others on this planet will read your words, torn from your heart. They will love it, and as they lay in bed at night, they will think of your story.

Follow your heart, and one day, they will hold your tale close to theirs.


  1. Hi Claudie .. love the way you've utilised the word heart .. it covers so much .. that's the fun of the English language .. so many varieties.

    One day - you'll catch an angel agent somehwere who will give a burst of joy to your heart .. follow your heart .. cheers Hilary

  2. This is beautiful and quirky and so lovely!

    We writers don't just wear our heart on our sleeve, we hand pieces out like party favors.

  3. You've put a lot of heart into your H day post!
    And I enjoyed reading your heartfelt comments.

  4. Heart is definitely a great word for the letter H entry! It's a pleasure to meet you via the A-Z Challenge.

  5. Thanks everyone! I really enjoyed writing this post. There's a great challenge to seeing how many you can cram in there. ;)

  6. Your heart will finally lead you to that magic world of writing- and your name will someday grace the front of a great novel, collection of stories, or a play! Go for the gusto!