Friday, April 1, 2011

A - April's Awesome Alphabetic Adventures

This month promises to be... special. If March was Butt-in-Chair month, then April is the Awesome Alphabetic Adventures month.

Somewhere at the end of February, I decided I wanted to drive myself batshit insane in the course of April. (it’s research. The script is in an asylum). I thought “Hey, you have finals, but how will that ever be enough?” It won’t!

I already knew I would be doing Script Frenzy in addition to the finals. Any excuse to write Fezim Aulm’s story (AKA February’s Shiny New Idea) was a good one, and the no-nonsense approach a script provided seemed perfect to establish my basic storyline.

It seemed natural, as last year’s Script Frenzy Municipal Liaison for my region – and NaNoWriMo’s to boot – to also volunteer for that position. After all, organising a month of write-ins, cheering on Wrimos behind their page count, relaying information from HQ and making April a frantic and fantastic scripting ride isn’t time consuming. Not at all! (thankfully I have help this year)

Three time-consuming tasks, but would that be enough to drive me insane? I was not certain. Thus, I subscribed to the A to Z Challenge, and decided to blog every letter of the alphabet... turning April into the month of Awesome Alphabetic Adventures. I’m supposed to be blogging A today. Does it show?

Buckle in tight, my friends. The posting will increase, but so will the craziness. Apologies if I am a rambling mess by the time I hit the letter Z.

And see you tomorrow, for our friend... B !


  1. Hello,
    It's going to be a tough month. I already feel like I need a lie down. I had hoped to have done a few of the A-Z posts in advance, but no. Oh well. On to B!

  2. LOL. So appropriate, since my A was for alliteration!

  3. I think we're all going to be a mess by the end of this thing.

    Always appreciate an alliterative attempt!

  4. It sounds like you have a lot going on writing-wise. I'm just doing the challenge, and I'm already scrambling. I can't wait to read what the rest of this month brings!

  5. Sounds like you practice the masochist form of writing. Whatever works! Right? I guess you're pretty prolific, though. Great alliteration. I approve!

  6. Haha I love the alliteration.

    Don't worry, it'll be a good month. I am sad there is no letter today, I want to do another post.

    I have C, D, and E finished but that's as far as I've gotten.