Saturday, April 30, 2011


Oh yes, that is without a doubt the most exciting title in the world.

It is pretty much how I feel today, too.  At the start of the month I gave you a list of everything I had to do. In short: finals, script frenzy (writing and MLing) and the A to Z challenge. I didn't say back then, but there was also Wicked & Tricksy to plan, prepare and love. Which I still do. I can feel the butterflies every time I think about it (May 9th, whoop!)

This is somewhat the topic of today's post (besides celebrating the fact that I survived for a month and intend to sleep through the entire month of May).

First I wanted to say to all the new followers that found me through the A to Z challenge. There's, hm, 40 of you? Something like that? So welcome welcome and I hope you enjoy the blog as much in the coming months as you did in the last month, and as I enjoy writing it.

What to expect next?

With Wicked & Tricksy becoming a solid platform to discuss all things writing, this blog shift its focus towards my personal interests -- which, of course, includes writing and books.

First, I am planning a new shiny regular feature, called Made In Quebec. There's always a lot of cool stuff created in the province which doesn't cross frontiers (even provincial ones) because of the language barrier. Understandable for litterature. Sad for other forms of art, for which language isn't such a big element. 

Oh, and "my interests" means science, too. No, no, don't be scared. I promise I'll try and make it fun. ;)

That's where we're heading next, folks! Writing, Frenchness and Science!


  1. Get some rest, Claudie. You've earned it.

    And congrats on finishing the A to Z challenge!!

  2. Hope you get some rest, I bet things have been super busy. Can't wait to see that Wicked & Tricksy and whats in store for your blog :D

  3. Claudia, we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!

  4. I love the idea of a "Made in Quebec" post along with something in the science world. Sounds VERY interesting!!

    Congrats on finishing the A-Z. I'm looking forward to May 9!