Tuesday, April 12, 2011

J - Jigglypuff Would Make a Great Writer

Nothing stops Jigglypuff from practicing his art. He travels around the world and sings, whether you like it or not. It doesn't matter how often you tell him to stop because you'll fall asleep he will not let anyone stop him.

There's two things for writers to learn here: always persevere and believe in yourself.

But please, don't answer the critiques the same way he does:

Watch your faces!
Happy Tuesday!

I think that's as geek as I've ever gotten on this blog. It may happen again. You are warned.


  1. I love Jigglypuff and your advice is fabulous.

  2. Claudie, I have no idea what that thing is. And it isn't because I lack the geek. I think I'm just old. :P

  3. *laughs* It might, LG! That thing up there is a Pokemon. The only one that's midly famous beside Pikachu, I guess. I'm right in the middle of Generation Pokemon (which are great games, for the record).

    Kerrie: Jigglypuff was my favourite long before I saw an episode of the anime. It's awesome. :D

  4. I am not familiar with Jigglypuff. I am feeling out of the loop. How did I miss this gorgeous pink puff!