Saturday, April 16, 2011

N - New Bloggers!

We’re halfway through the A to Z Blogging Challenge, and I’ve got to say, this is a blast! It’s tiring at times, because there’s a lot of action, but wow, I’ve met a lot of cool folks.

So today’s post is for them. Here are some A to Z Challenger you should check out!

I found the geek twins through one of Sommer’s link, and oh my gosh, I love them. This is for those of you with a penchant for comic books, video games, science-fiction and fantasy, and all other things geeky. Go read!

Okay, this is cheating a bit, because I found L.G. Smith slightly before the A to Z Blogging Challenge. I discovered I somehow missed her when linking to other cool bloggers as I made the Stylish Blogger award post, so I’m rectifying that mistake now. Besides, she is participating in the challenge and she is awesome. So she qualifies. There!

(She also has the most beautiful post about maps and writing, on M. Go back a day!)

One of the A to Z co-hosts. His posts are constantly constructive, poetic and funny at the same time. I can’t quite put my finger on what works so well in them, but they work and I’ve enjoyed his A to Z entries since H.

Let’s be honest, I was sold at the title. Then there was the gorgeous header. Turns out the posts are as great as the blog promises at first glance. I found Anastasia on L day, which has a great post on developing your language, and ended up scrolling down to read the previous posts. Plus she writes high fantasy. Don’t you love to find writers from your genre with a cool blog? I do.

There you go! There are a lot of other cool A to Z Bloggers out there, but these were my newest and best discovery. What are yours? Don’t be afraid to leave links to them in the comments. Spread the love!


  1. N is also for Nice tribute to some interesting bloggers.

  2. Nice to meet you through the A-Z challenge! Hope to see you around!

    I'll have a look, thanks for the links!

  3. Ah, thanks Claudie. I always enjoy coming to your site as well. (and, um, I thought you realized, but we've been chatting --sometimes in French -- long before the challenge. I'm Down the well from Nathan's!). Doh! My fault for using an alias.

    I'll check out the others. Thanks.

  4. LG: I know! I didn't realise right away, but at some point I made the connection and my brain went "OoooooOOOoooh". ;) Yay for the Bransforums, I say.

  5. Thanks for the links, Claudie. I just spent an alarming amount of time on Anastasia's blog. Holy smokes. Language and maps had me hook and I'm now gleefully subscribed. Thanks for the heads up!